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June 13, 2013
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Noivern Pokemon X Y by Ningeko16 Noivern Pokemon X Y by Ningeko16
QuQ it was supposed to be a crappy head

In any case, I love this pokemon's design so why not? Talonflame got me inspired but then i failed my first attempt at this i didn't paint him for a you can see my head would not let me rest XD

:iconbadassplz: BAT DRAGON FOR TEH WIN!
(it's also in HD if you wanna zoom in!)

~Noivern belongs to his rightful owners, art by moi~

EDIT: Guys thanks for all the favs and collection additions~ i just don't have time to thank all for you so this little thing will be my thanks~:heart:
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sky-came-falling Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use this as a credited picture on tumblr (sin-saffron-city) to show a nickname example, because it looks amazing! Let me know if you don't want me to and I'll take it down immediately :)
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
If you can show me the page and how you credited me for the art it's all fine~

and thanks for asking and the kind words uuu
sky-came-falling Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I put a link back to this picture labeled source :) I can specify further if that helps! Here it is:…
Angelheart123450 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
That is amazing! You made one of my favorite gen 6 pokemon look even cooler.
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
QuQ thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoy it~
the-wolf-of-time Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
epic... :o i want to catch it. It looks very strong and very mystical with this fullmoon in the backround *-*
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD you go ahead and do that! there is virtually nothing holding you back~
FlyingGolurk Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
Nice Work! The Noivern I'm using in my X version I nicknamed "Soundwave" after the transformers character. Another good nickname I just thought of would be NightScream - after the beast machines character who turned into a bat and had sound powers too!
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD sounds cool~
Kinglorshi Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Student Writer
I'd be terrified to see this at night D:

Noivern is probably my favourite flying type, possibly... It's just so cool. A bad Wyvern. How can you go wrong. HOW.
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