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for moi

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The most beautiful art I have ever received QuQ thank you to everyone, just, thank you have no idea how much I appreciate your art :heart:

Newest Deviations


Regular pixel icon commission (open until stated otherwise)
Griffsnuff CE pixel- Philia cutie~ by Ningeko16
:CE: Cabbage pixel.::. by Ningeko16
Pixel Icon contest entry ,{chubby guppy}, by Ningeko16
Griffsnuff CE Pixel-Flaka's Treasure by Ningeko16
:CE: Griffsnuff pixel by Ningeko16
PIxel Icon Commission.:Lantern Animated:. by Ningeko16
50x50 pixel icon of your character!
(You can commission this for friends too but it has to be their oc)
Form: fill it out

animation: +50:points:
Chibi (open-ask first)
Pallet Meme Batch 1 by Ningeko16
A Couple of Derps by Ningeko16
Chime Double Time by Ningeko16
Lusenchou- Bad Boy Chibi by Ningeko16
11monsters Sharkee Gift! by Ningeko16
Shimma Gifty by Ningeko16
Chibi of your character in any of the styles above (feral and humanoid)

-post a clear ref of your character 
-chose a style
-describe pose or personality
- extra charge of +100 :points: per extra character or detailed design
-the final product will be watermarked, you are not to claim this as your own work! however you are allowed to use it on your page for decoration<3
Fan Art Chibis (open- read)
Fan Art request chibis by Ningeko16
As the title says a chibi commission of your fave character from any series, book, game, movie, you name it!

Fill out this form when ordering:

Character Name:
Series/book/movie/game/etc. Character is from:
Visual Reference (preferably a full body image, no google page links plz):
Pose/Personality/etc. (anything extra you want me to consider when drawing):
With... (extra character, pet, item): +100:points:

Ground Rules:
-please ask me in a note before you request the commission (this keeps both of us  aware and happy, plus if there are any problems we can discuss it over)
-I have the right to decline any request
-Unless stated otherwise I'll choose the pose, however whether they are half or fullbody is up to me at any point
-You are not to resell (on esty, storenvy, make buttons of it etc), redistribute, claim as your own work (these are not our nor my creations) This is simply a commission for something cute for your page or to use and enjoy as a decoration
-I will privately send you an un-watermarked version type: nin the derp in your note so i know you've read and understood the rules
-You may request this commission via note to pay by PayPal instead of points but you must follow all above rules for simplicity's sake
Custom LavaGut: Lite (open- Read)
LavaGut for TV- Tanno by Ningeko16
LavaGut for Mudogs by Ningeko16
LavaGut for syrtis- Krypton by Ningeko16
PLease note me or ask me about ordering or else I will immediately un-accept! You have been warned quq cries

Temporary LavaGut closed Species ref  Check the species info for more info!

What this includes: A Regular LavaGut with 1-2 uncommon traits and 1 highly uncommon trait<<<bonus limited offer~

- regular coat pattern
- bi-coloured lava

Uncommon traits to add: (pick up to 2)
-curve lamp shape, please indicate which one of the two types
-black pupil
- aquarium/cage holes
- Mane/Tail


Highly uncommon traits to add: (pick 1)
-shaped holes (not only stars, can be any shape)/laced holes
-pastel/white eyes
-different markings (within bounds of species)
-foxy head shape

Please include:
-coat colour
-lava colours (2)
-whether you want the 'cute' or 'elegant' body shape
Special offer payments!
Cute Lil Jumper Final by Ningeko16
Tiger-bull Baby by Ningeko16
For the special offers from my journal slots only!
please regard this journal: Just some quick important things  for more info!

for those who have already noted me, this is where you pay for your commission
+you will be notified on the process and the completion of your commission
+if i stream your commission it'll be anywhere between 5-10pm/ 17:00-22 est (ON, Canada) (i'll still send you a link)
+these will be done fairly quickly and hopefully within 48hrs of the order

-:iconlauraacan: with Faded Black Wolf USD Auction - CLOSED by Hlaorith (in progress)
-:iconludiiicrous: with 
-:iconelecpyro: with…?…
.:Custom Designs:. (Ask me by Note if you are interested) (special!)
CE .:Soot:. Offer to adopt (Closed) by Ningeko16
Trickster guard by Ningeko16
custom Tailmouth Boy by Ningeko16
CD .:Spirit caller:. for StupidRainbowFox by Ningeko16
Magic flower custom For: Spunky-mutt by Ningeko16
Custom Design.::Takis Fuego beasty::. by Ningeko16
This is a commission for a custom character which you create, or a custom of one of my closed species.

I can do humans, non-humans, monsters and so on~

- you are NOT in any way allowed to resell the character (this is a separate type of commission i'll be taking later)
- you cannot claim it as your own even though you though of the idea (an artist still did the art for you, it's only fair)
- you may change a few features but you may not change the species (especially one of mine) 
- you may late change gender (although you are given that choice from the start)
- you may trade the design later for one of equal value
<in your note include this: ninjas and geckos, that's all...>


What I need:
-How many do you want? (put down amount)
- what gender?
-species/mix/ningeko's closed specie customs (Magic flower or Soot)? (here you write out the description of your adopt and what you want it to look like)
- additional info? (i.e. attitude, special markings, themes, backstory, etc...)
- refs (include refs of styles you would like to see, any animal you might think i don't know, inspirational images you based your design off of, etc...)
- Pallet (optional: you may include exact pallet, variations or give a general guideline for me to follow and give me freedom with the rest)

Fell free to give me artistic freedom, the designs usually turn out much better then expected as many happy customers say ^u^~:heart:

Beautiful Page Doll!


:iconallvar: :iconempoweredhades6: :iconvaporcold: :icongeinkotsu: :iconxshimsa:


News News News! + JR event!

Fri Jul 17, 2015, 10:03 PM

Hello lovely watchers and humble passerby~

I bring to you a few orders of business:

  • 1K members JR event!
  • Tumblr
  • Upcoming schedule/news

1- Jolle Raptor group 1K member event!

A super special event whether you've been dreaming of owning one or hoping to add a new member to the family but got no funds?
the come check out the event!  1K Members EVENT - CLOSED!! results will be posted by tomorrow!!
So, as many of you already know, we have something to celebrate!
Our group broke the 1k-members line !!
We feel very honoured and are happy about all the support so many of you had given to both Simonetry and me.
We highly appreciate all the nice comments, and, for sure, also the very good bids you give us!
As a form of thanking you all , i decided to not raffle off 2, but a total of 5(!) MYO-Tickets! and a little surprise i will not tell you upfront, lol
This will be split into:
2 Tickets for owners (people who currently own or did own a JR before)
3 Tickets for non-owners ( means everybody who has not owned/ does not own a JR)
The Tickets:
for these tickets you are allowed to use common and uncommon traits!
-Advertise the event via Poll or Journal
-Write "A" ( fo

2- Tumblr

Yes you heard it right! After a ton of consideration and counselling I've made my own little tumblr for:
  • - rebloging beautiful art, funny gifs, beautiful ghibli, pokemon and other interests as well as lots of cool anime things~
  • - developing my characters and story (Since my DA has become a collection of cute, closed species and owed art related things, no one really likes my characters, but that's partially my fault for not starting here sooner haha)
  • mainly adding sketch dumps but I seem to be making clean works instead haha so I guess simply art creation and fan art~
  • - finding a nice way to showcase my art (I've always loved tumblr's format and the various fun layouts, quq i'lll need some help since it's a WIP so anyone willing to lend a hand plz skype or note me? I'll pay you back via art gifts haha)
  • ask my oc prompts, events, and certain freebies
  • and finally: following certain artists that are more active on their tumblrs and twitters haha

If ya wanna follow me and check it out:  (beware of the WIP) but i have some new things uploaded there that i didn't upload here quq simply idk how to work the art tag, ah well it's not too much rummaging
if you want me to follow you back simply message me in my asks, I can't promise i'll watch everyone but I know my watcher base is made of hella rad artists and some which have grown over the years!

3- Schedule and News

Life begins now, and with an over $7k sitting in the credit column of my life's balance sheet- like many students entering my program- i've gotta make a way to cover those costs by mid-august and since i'm getting no help from my parents i need to raise quite a hefty sum. Such is life, and I've gotta deal with it like everyone else, but something needs to be done about me to-do list. Good news is: I've only got a few more long-outstanding works on it and i'm going through it at a nice pace uuu enjoying making people happy even after such a long wait, Bad news is that i'll have to cancel one or two of them and drop most of the freebies (haha but of course  those peeps will get their freebies one way or another cuz that's how I am), part 2 of the bad news is that I have a more current to-do list but it's trades and those go well when an art block strikes uuu, I've found a good way f balancing things.

To raise more money i'm going to space out a few events:

  • fairly cheap big batch-o-LavaGuts (ranging from $5-$20, points or paypal accpeted)
  • pixel and chibi eventapalooza~ (chibis and pixels will be open but these will be slot-by-slot style)
  • Nin's Closed species MYO slots/Package deals (LavaGuts, meowerte, Wicker-Wings, Magic flowers, etc...)
  • pay-what-you-want fan art just for you! (like a commission but of fan art only)

I'm not sure I'll be able to do all of them but I'm hoping to raise $500+ bucks by the end of the summer with these events (since I know not many will go for the buck, we've all got finances and the top-notch closed species owners are making some wicked designs) quq haha dream on nin and work on them as they pop up(the commissions anyways, trying not to add more to my list)

I'll be gone for a well-needed vacation from the 1st of August fr 10 days, so in that time period I won't have any access to the internet or electronics in general, so I'm hoping to finish up the over-due art by then. Other than that it's getting ready for uni, trying to meet up with my irl friends and try to relax...owed art takes a beating on yar creativity kids, but I won't complain uuu the end result makes it all worth it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little update, I'll be uploading much more sketchies and finished arts on tumblr, working on some personal projects on the side, getting through the work and hopefully enjoying my summer. I wanna take a moment to thank all of you that have either recently joined or have been sticking around since the dawn of my arrival here! I appreciate every single one of you, I love interacting and hearing your opinions and your company on my streams just really helps me get through a day on a majority basis. So thank you to my watchers, idols, idol friends and idol watchers, because you've helped me get where I am today and I couldn't have done it without you quq :iconletmehugyouplz: CAN'THUG ALL THE WATCHERS CRAIIII

if you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to note me!

~your derp of a deviant.
Nin :iconningeko16:


Misstrice Complimentrice
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love cookies........a lot -p-9

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Selfie meme stream incoming! Link added! 

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