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Gift~Ma Cher Ami by Ningeko16
Gift Sketch: Sheko by Ningeko16
Pallet Meme Batch 1 by Ningeko16 Doodle dump1 by Ningeko16
Contest prize: A cup of tea by Ningeko16
+A guardian and his jewel+ by Ningeko16
Chibi of your character in any of the styles above (feral and humanoid)

-post a clear ref of your character 
-chose a style
-describe pose or personality
- extra charge of +50:points: per extra character or detailed design
-the final product will be watermarked, you are not to claim this as your own work! however you are allowed to use it on your page for decoration<3
Cheap Pixel Icons
Palmen Icon1 by Ningeko16
Icon Commission: Sassy-mc-sassafrass by Ningeko16
Pixel Icon commission:.Leopard Beauty.: by Ningeko16
Pixel Icon commission :.Fantasy beast warrior.: by Ningeko16
Icon Commission: And what are you looking at? by Ningeko16
Pixel Icon commission:.Chasing Butterflies.: by Ningeko16
: Open :

Just pixel icons~:heart:

These can be hum and non-human characters- ocs or not~

Tell me whether you want:
Full body

You must add:
-a ref of the character
-what you want them doing
-anything else specific (shading+ lights/ none, etc...)

Regular pixel icon commission
Griffsnuff CE pixel- Philia cutie~ by Ningeko16
Griffsnuff CE Pixel-Flaka's Treasure by Ningeko16
:CE: Cabbage pixel.::. by Ningeko16
:CE: Griffsnuff pixel by Ningeko16
PIxel Icon Commission.:Lantern Animated:. by Ningeko16
Pixel Icon contest entry ,{chubby guppy}, by Ningeko16
50x50 pixel icon of your character!
(You can commission this for friends too but it has to be their oc)
Form: fill it out

animation: +50:points:
.:Custom Designs:. (Ask me by Note if you are interested) (special!)
CE .:Soot:. Offer to adopt (Closed) by Ningeko16
custom Tailmouth Boy by Ningeko16
CD .:Spirit caller:. for StupidRainbowFox by Ningeko16
Magic flower custom For: Spunky-mutt by Ningeko16
Custom Design.::Takis Fuego beasty::. by Ningeko16
Trickster guard by Ningeko16
This is a commission for a custom character which you create, or a custom of one of my closed species.

I can do humans, non-humans, monsters and so on~

- you are NOT in any way allowed to resell the character (this is a separate type of commission i'll be taking later)
- you cannot claim it as your own even though you though of the idea (an artist still did the art for you, it's only fair)
- you may change a few features but you may not change the species (especially one of mine) 
- you may late change gender (although you are given that choice from the start)
- you may trade the design later for one of equal value
<in your note include this: ninjas and geckos, that's all...>


What I need:
-How many do you want? (put down amount)
- what gender?
-species/mix/ningeko's closed specie customs (Magic flower or Soot)? (here you write out the description of your adopt and what you want it to look like)
- additional info? (i.e. attitude, special markings, themes, backstory, etc...)
- refs (include refs of styles you would like to see, any animal you might think i don't know, inspirational images you based your design off of, etc...)
- Pallet (optional: you may include exact pallet, variations or give a general guideline for me to follow and give me freedom with the rest)

Fell free to give me artistic freedom, the designs usually turn out much better then expected as many happy customers say ^u^~:heart:
Cheap Sketch commissions/lines!
Crystal Randomness1 by Ningeko16
The Grand Ball WIP by Ningeko16
Severin And The Clouds Edited-2 by Ningeko16
Spirit caller WIP by Ningeko16
: Open- but only if you send me a note :

OK these will be sketches of different sorts! -u- not helpful right?

You tell me if you want:
- traditional or digital
- a page of sketches like above ( like the one with my oc being random except better Xd which will be 100:points: with no extra charge if traditional-digital will be 10:points: extra
- colored (an extra 5 :points: -u- I don't like sloppy work)
- full body (+25:points: per character)
- bust (+5:points: per character)

Complex scenes will be 25:points: extra

This can only be done for:
Your own characters or if you have friends off of DA that need something of this sort that's fine too~ But to do fan art you'll have to note me separately alright?

- be specific about what you want
- provide a ref of who you want drawn 
and (if you want it in color)a pallet or a ref with color pallet provided
- no smut..........i will not draw that stuff sorry, but I'm fine with 'smexy' characters eue
- not too dead..........not really good at anatomy so if it has organs coming out  that'll be hard~
- do not redistribute or call it your own work (i will be water-marking this stuff so please respect the art and effort)

Thanks for commissioning, if you want any other types of commissions or have further questions feel free to note me!

(one final thing.......put 'geckos rule' in your request/comment so i know you've read the rules)

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Grumpy derp~ by Ningeko16


:iconneko-the-bumblecat: :iconyuki-no-hoshi: :iconvongolaprimo111: :iconakanotsubasa: :iconcomputerboys:


Interrogations: Starring Exodia

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 7:06 PM

(Will edit once I get online, for now enjoy)

OC: Exodia

Smexy Exodia by Ningeko16

1. What is your real name?
Exodia (he has a different one)

2. What is your surname?
I dun remember (he doesn't want to but it's: )

3. What are your three most popular nicknames?
Demon boy(dammit ranger), zodi (dammit Crystal), the sword of darkness, monster....I don't have many, don't  have a good name to mess with anyways

4. What is your favorite color?
Blue, a more greyish colour I guess.....and red, deep, luxurious red

5. What is your favorite animal?
Crystal.....I mean, she's part cat right? I like the lowly house demons and spirits more though

6. What type of animal/race of human/mythical species are you?
Full fledged demon baby~ I'm no half blood anymore hell yeah!

7. What is your favorite song?
The one my mother used to sing to me, Crystal knows it so she sings it to me sometimes.... 

8. What is your favorite band?
I have a band of my , me and me. Case closed.

9. What is your favorite TV station?
That's so useless, why the hell do you humans watch that thing?

10. What is your favorite pastime?
Sitting on top of tall buildings, watching sunsets with Crystal, sleeping, killing and fighting could I forget that?~

11. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Overthrow Daemon to become the world's greatest demon....even though I'm pretty old....damn that sounded so op and childish

12. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 4-7 years old?
A king....ha childish me

13. Time to get more wacko and personal… are you intimidated?
Meh, dun care, bring it

14. Who do you have a crush on / who are you in a relationship with?
I refuse to answer for personal reasons

15. Are you cheating?
I've done so in my foolish days.....meh I'm a demon what can you expect?

16. Have you ever cheated on someone before?
Just answered many more questions will you ask me yish!

17. Do you drink often?
Alcohol disgusts me, I prefer the blood of virgins ...XD joking joking
though I do enjoy cocktails sometimes, and champaign 

18. Do you smoke often?
I hate smoking almost as much as I hate Daemon....need I explain?

19. What is your addiction? We know you have at least one.
....I will not answer

20. What is your naughtiest / dirtiest habit?
I have a few, however I ain't sharing

21. What's your sex life like?
I'm a demon baby~ but only had it in the days before I was sealed into the sword

22. Have you had a recurring dream before? If so, what was it about? Explain. comment, sleeping with Crystal doesn't help though

23. What was the last dream [ you can remember ] about?
No comment

24. Tell me something that could make you smile without fail.
How ridiculous Crystal is at times....even though she's mainly annoying it cracks me up. Also, the feeling of battle , nothing can make me smile more than the look of my enemy's face when he's times, fun times

25. What is your favorite thing to drink?
You figure it out genius... Yiesh 

26. What is your master goal in life?
Many of my goals have been fulfilled thanks to Crystal, so my goals are shared with her now. I only want to become stronger, I want my freedom, pretty much have that too

27. What is your most recent wish?
For Crystal to be alright........don't you dare fucking tell her that or by damn I will rip your soul  into paper mâché 

28. If you could accomplish one thing for yourself or someone else, anything at all, what would it be?
Kill daemon, so easy

29. Tell me something that you desire that you can't accomplish by yourself; something that someone else has to do for you.
I...I refuse to accept help, period, I'm fine on my own thanks.

30. What is your worst weakness?

31. What is your worst fear?
Hah, what fear?

32. Name off five traits of your dream boy/girl.
No comment (blushes)

33. What is your idea of the best day ever?
A full out battle against an army, returning victorious and then lazing around or sleeping

34. Who is your best friend?
Crystal...reluctantly (no Exodia omg don't be rude)

35. Who is your worst enemy?
I don't like anyone really, but that asshole Daemon just needs to be dead k? Let's put it at that.

36. Describe to me your most prized possession.
The sculls of my parents, my sword, Crystal, and the earring Amelia made for me......even though it makes me maintain a bond with crystal, I...I just remember her kindness and can't be more greatful

37. If you could make peace / friends with anyone right now, who would they be?
.........who needs to make peace when you can bug them?

38. The president announces that the world will come to an end at midnight of the next day, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Who would you want to spend the last day of humanity with, and what would you do?
Haha like that'll ever happen.....or I'll ask Crystal to get us out...ya, I'm too lazy

39. What is the one thing you desire above all else as of today?
Power, the power to protect those whom I care true freedom
gah this sounds so sappy.....thank you, thank you so damn much

40. The UPS man leaves a box on your door when you aren't expecting any packages. You open it to find a fancy glass bottle that resembles something between women's perfume and a wine bottle; the label reads "SHALTEIR's Love Liquid." Who do you test it on and how do you sneak it to them? ;3
Oh damn, throw it on Crystal and see what happens.....or Daemon, but no, Crystal would be interesting heh

41. Your lover / best friend is announced dead via suicide. How would you react?
I'd punch the guy who told me that in the face, or kill them and then go see if it's true or not.......I guess I don't have to worry with Crystal though......punching the guy in the face would be fun

42. You were walking alone through your local park come 11:24pm at night when out of the blue you get tackled from behind. What is you next move?
Break their neck or punch them so hard no one could recognize their face.......if it's Crystal.....well it'll just be a bit lighter...she could dodge

43. You're having a movie-at-home date tonight. When you go to blockbuster, what are your top three movie options that you and your date would probably enjoy?

44. Back to reality… who are you the angriest at?
Right now, you, how damn long has this been going on?!

45. What was the scariest moment of your life?
Meh, losing my parents , figure it out man

46. What was the best moment of your life?
When I was allowed to be separate from that was the best thing right there (omg stop being rude)

47. What was the worst moment of your life?
I didn't have a pretty life k?

48. What was the saddest moment of your life?
Damn......I guess when Daemon or KOA at the time...broke Crystal in the lab ....over, and over again, it hurt me...too

49. How do you think you'll die / how did you die?
Im not planning to die any time soon

50. What is your "theme song" – in your opinion, a friend's opinion, or your creators?
(It's probably Monster:…. However there maybe another song... )

Whoever of my lovely watchers wants too uuu, really good for getting your characters out there uuu



Ningeko16 has started a donation pool!
95 / 5,000
I've started a donation because I'd really like to host a contest (my first one ever) QuQ ....I'm not that fancy at making points from arts lol

So if anyone is willing to donate towards a cool mystery contest with both art and points prizes it'd be amazing help QuQ :heart:

:heart:Any amount is acceptable and appreciated:heart:

Please keep in mind that this is not where you pay for commissions, better for organizing that way. Please and thank you~:heart:


Thank you for your generous donations in advance uuu ~ :heart:

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