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Custom LavaGut: Lite (on hold)
LavaGut for TV- Tanno by Ningeko16
LavaGut for Mudogs by Ningeko16
LavaGut for syrtis- Krypton by Ningeko16
PLease note me or ask me about ordering or else I will immediately un-accept! You have been warned quq cries

Temporary LavaGut closed Species ref  Check the species info for more info!

What this includes: A Regular LavaGut with 1-2 uncommon traits and 1 highly uncommon trait<<<bonus limited offer~

- regular coat pattern
- bi-coloured lava

Uncommon traits to add: (pick up to 2)
-curve lamp shape, please indicate which one of the two types
-black pupil
- aquarium/cage holes
- Mane/Tail

Highly uncommon traits to add: (pick 1)
-shaped holes (not only stars, can be any shape)/laced holes
-pastel/white eyes
-different markings (within bounds of species)
-foxy head shape

Please include:
-coat colour
-lava colours (2)
-whether you want the 'cute' or 'elegant' body shape
Special offer payments!
Cute Lil Jumper Final by Ningeko16
Tiger-bull Baby by Ningeko16
For the special offers from my journal slots only!
please regard this journal: Just some quick important things  for more info!

for those who have already noted me, this is where you pay for your commission
+you will be notified on the process and the completion of your commission
+if i stream your commission it'll be anywhere between 5-10pm/ 17:00-22 est (ON, Canada) (i'll still send you a link)
+these will be done fairly quickly and hopefully within 48hrs of the order

-:iconlauraacan: with Faded Black Wolf USD Auction - CLOSED by Hlaorith (in progress)
-:iconludiiicrous: with 
-:iconelecpyro: with…?…
Chibi (open-ask first)
Gift~Ma Cher Ami by Ningeko16
Pallet Meme Batch 1 by Ningeko16 Doodle dump1 by Ningeko16
+A guardian and his jewel+ by Ningeko16
Gift Sketch: Sheko by Ningeko16
Contest prize: A cup of tea by Ningeko16
Chibi of your character in any of the styles above (feral and humanoid)

-post a clear ref of your character 
-chose a style
-describe pose or personality
- extra charge of +50:points: per extra character or detailed design
-the final product will be watermarked, you are not to claim this as your own work! however you are allowed to use it on your page for decoration<3
Regular pixel icon commission
Griffsnuff CE pixel- Philia cutie~ by Ningeko16
Griffsnuff CE Pixel-Flaka's Treasure by Ningeko16
:CE: Cabbage pixel.::. by Ningeko16
:CE: Griffsnuff pixel by Ningeko16
PIxel Icon Commission.:Lantern Animated:. by Ningeko16
Pixel Icon contest entry ,{chubby guppy}, by Ningeko16
50x50 pixel icon of your character!
(You can commission this for friends too but it has to be their oc)
Form: fill it out

animation: +50:points:
.:Custom Designs:. (Ask me by Note if you are interested) (special!)
CE .:Soot:. Offer to adopt (Closed) by Ningeko16
custom Tailmouth Boy by Ningeko16
CD .:Spirit caller:. for StupidRainbowFox by Ningeko16
Magic flower custom For: Spunky-mutt by Ningeko16
Custom Design.::Takis Fuego beasty::. by Ningeko16
Trickster guard by Ningeko16
This is a commission for a custom character which you create, or a custom of one of my closed species.

I can do humans, non-humans, monsters and so on~

- you are NOT in any way allowed to resell the character (this is a separate type of commission i'll be taking later)
- you cannot claim it as your own even though you though of the idea (an artist still did the art for you, it's only fair)
- you may change a few features but you may not change the species (especially one of mine) 
- you may late change gender (although you are given that choice from the start)
- you may trade the design later for one of equal value
<in your note include this: ninjas and geckos, that's all...>


What I need:
-How many do you want? (put down amount)
- what gender?
-species/mix/ningeko's closed specie customs (Magic flower or Soot)? (here you write out the description of your adopt and what you want it to look like)
- additional info? (i.e. attitude, special markings, themes, backstory, etc...)
- refs (include refs of styles you would like to see, any animal you might think i don't know, inspirational images you based your design off of, etc...)
- Pallet (optional: you may include exact pallet, variations or give a general guideline for me to follow and give me freedom with the rest)

Fell free to give me artistic freedom, the designs usually turn out much better then expected as many happy customers say ^u^~:heart:


Body text here...

Beautiful Page Doll!


:icongeinkotsu: :iconcorviture: :iconrainywren: :icondragonfeenix: :iconmegane--sama:


Thank you to all who have participated in the event. I will do my best to announce the winners  by the end of the week however I cannot fully promise this. Stay tuned! You've all done a wonderful job!

(I will only accept entries till March1st 20:00 EST! If you no have them in, sorry but it wont cout)

i will be accepting all entries till February 28th all over the world is not more! Mwahhahahahahhahaha

But in all seriousness, I only have three entries all from one pair in ATM, please submit yours ASAP! If you have concerns please note me.

One entry is already in! woop! Check bellow to see an exmaple of how your write-up should look like!

your rough ideas or full ideas have to be shown to me either tomorrow (Feb 22nd, 2015) or Monday! (Feb 23ed,2015) this is as a check up for me to see if you are actually working on your designs! QuQ please note me or comment bellow with a stash link with what you currently have done! Thank you!

8/9 pairs checked!

Welcome one and all to the SPECIAL LAVAGUT EVENT 

Alright, so LavaGuts are my new closed species.Lately they've been getting some love which makes me....UBER happy and  to have so many happy people is just....honestly life changing. 
So~ for the little community which always welcomes new people, I've decided to hold an event on Valentine's Day~:heart:
Without further a due, here are the deets you've all been waiting for!

The Event:

LavaGuts were made for fabulous. Unique to each owner these canine-imitating splices contain colours, patterns, lava and shapes which all show the personality of each baby and what the owner who ordered it to be made. As LavaGuts cannot reproduce the owners go to special gene scientists within the LavaGen factory to get a lavagut custom made for them from the DNA and traits of both parents. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! On this day of love, with the random partner assigned to you create a lovechild lavagut bae! As it's always been said two heads work better than one, so talk, yell if ya wanna but using traits you enjoy or from your lavagut and make something beautiful together!...............this was all said in the least awkwardest way possible, so please excuse Ningeko for her weirdness:heart: It doesn't matter who draws the love child~ a collab is totally fine too! EDIT: YOU CAN MAKE MULTIPLE BABIES BUT ONLY ONE WILL WIN 


If you have  a LavaGut already: pick out which traits from your LavaGut  that you wanna mix with your partner's, minimum 2. These can be from common- rare and can include the colour and pattern of the coat, the lava lamp shape, the mane, the tail etc... If you need help from ningeko to tell you what specific traits are which and what their rarity is feel free to do so!

If you do NOT have one (please read careful): 1) Look at the species sheet provided in the references section bellow and choose traits which you'd like your parent LavaGut to have. You are allowed to choose either 2 uncommon traits or 1 highly uncommon trait. 2) Pick from those traits at least 2 which you would like the lovechild to inherit, 3) Discuss with your partner how to combine these traits to make the perfect lovechild~
Disclaimer: You are not to fully draw out the parent's design (sketches for planning and showing to your partner for discussion is allowed however), you will get it as a custom if you win this event! ouo if you don't win you can keep some traits as long as you change the species~

What you cannot do for your lovechild:
-have hybrid features unless it's the coat pattern in which you are totally allowed to do that~ (aka no hybrid lamp shapes/ hole shapes/ head shapes etc...)
- No hybrid body types (make sure your child has only one body type, you can gain a different body type from both parents int he bellow options
- No rare traits unless the parent has one
- The design cannot be primarily one parent's traits or the others, it gotta be equal~

What you can do:
- Give it a completely different colour scheme from both parents if you find it necessary
- Add 1 feature that doesn't belong to either parent
- Use a different body type from both parents in completing the bellow options
- Give it accessories and clothes as long as they don't cover the holes and lamp- else the child could get sick quq 
- Draw it's human form (i'll be updating the human forms of the other body types and update this journal when i do)

Other Rules:

- Respect your partner, get to know them, be nice to them k? This event is for love~ not hate uuu:heart:
- Tell me who did what in a note (What 2 traits did you use? What trait did you receive? Who did what? Where there any problems? Did you over come them? etc....)
- Check with me when you're happy with your idea, there are some hidden rules to anatomy, gene mixtures and certain mandatory markings/marking placements which must be adhered- else it wouldn't be unique now would it
- Post the design to either partner's (or both's) galleries, not a stash file please? you can tag me or note me when done~
- have fun~ even though this event may be awkward i really hope you guys have fun~
- if you want to work alone due to personal reasons tell me, it cannot be because fo the partner's artistic skill or their race or something like that k?

Things That'll Earn You Goodies:
- writing a journal or poll about this event (+1 highly-uncommon trait or one which neither parent has)
- being a watcher (automatic +1 highly uncommon trait/ an uncommon/ highly uncommon body type)
-giving me a llama ouo xd honestly i love them~ (+uncommon trait)

This MYO-esque event  will be judged by yours truely~ (aka moi)
How you ask?

:heart:JUDGING: :heart:

-the aesthetic/visual appeal of the design
-have you got 2 traits from each parent?
-show me some progress work (optional)
-does it have a good personality? (you can't give it a back story yet due to me being slow on updating the lore quq i apologize, but a personality, i think even just short form would be nice~)
-love factor:heart:
My main advice is think first for yourselves. As partners you both have your own unique ideas and things that you like or don't like in designs. Talk about it, if you don't agree, talking about and think of another option~:heart: I'm sure every single one of you participating will make a beautiful lovechild~ and i mean it honestly.....and i'll probably just let all of you win criessssssssssssssssssss

When does it begin? 14/02/2015

When does it end? 28/02/2015 (aka end of February)

Can I still join? YES OUO

Temporary LavaGut closed Species ref by Ningeko16 LavaGut Extra Body types by Ningeko16  
LavaGut body types-humanoid edited-1 by Ningeko16

examples can be found here:…

Have any further questions? Feel free to ask, I don't bite. Even though I can't tell you what to make to make it look beautiful you can get my advice or ask me if your combination of traits works or not. Regulation questions? Feel free to ask, I'm not my 100% so somethings can be confusing, Spelling/Grammar errors? Omg please tell me? quq cries

The 'Couples' sorry not sorry
1) :iconreversedclock: with :iconiikuzo:
2) :icondesertjewels: with :iconsoulenii: checked
Kandlestine and Quartz by DesertJewels
3) :iconsithlorddeneray:  with :iconitsterriblyartistic: one partner checked in
4) :iconsquidina:  with :iconsharkysaur: granted checked
Misha Lavababy by squidina
5) :iconflashpelt1: with :iconrainywren: granted checked
Lavagutt Contest Entry: Rory by Flashpelt1Lavagutt Contest Entry: Alexandria by Flashpelt1Lavagut Contest Entry: Laurissa by RainywrenLavagut Contest Entry: Helix by Rainywren
6) :iconwithoutcommonsense: with :iconsniperxtentapsy: checked
Octavious - LavaPup Lovechild MYO For Nin by WithoutCommonSenseLavagut contest entry by sniperXtentapsy
7) :iconaraktugage: with :iconskull-gum: 1 uncommon, 1 highly uncommon trait allowed
8):iconneonmare: with :iconartgazer12:
9):iconnikkiparx019: with :icongeinkotsu:
all except for first pair chosen through


:heart:All winners who didn't have a LavaGut before can either keep the lovechild or choose to let me make a custom of their imagined 'parent' :heart:
(per partner)
1st place: Keep your lavagut/lovechild,a family portrait (sketch) in commemoration of the event, 1 fullbody drawing of either the lavagut or a different oc or a humanoid version of  your lavagut or a chibi
2nd Place:Keep your lavagut/lovechild, Fullbody of both parents, 1 bust per partner of their own ocs (lavagut or not), or flat-colour humanoid version of  your lavagut + a chibi (lavagut or not)
3ed Place: Keep your lavagut/lovechild, Fullbody of both parents, a sketch of the humanoid version of  your lavagut/ a chibi
4th+5th Place: Keep your lavaguts/ lovechild
6th,7th Place: 25% off next custom design purchase

:heart:Good Luck to You ALL and thank you for participating!:heart:

Now go make beautiful children~

-Ningeko out~:ninjah:


Ningeko16 has started a donation pool!
95 / 5,000
I've started a donation because I'd really like to host a contest (my first one ever) QuQ ....I'm not that fancy at making points from arts lol

So if anyone is willing to donate towards a cool mystery contest with both art and points prizes it'd be amazing help QuQ :heart:

:heart:Any amount is acceptable and appreciated:heart:

Please keep in mind that this is not where you pay for commissions, better for organizing that way. Please and thank you~:heart:


Thank you for your generous donations in advance uuu ~ :heart:

You must be logged in to donate.
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    Donated Sep 25, 2014, 4:45:29 PM
  • :icononyxeva:
    Donated Sep 8, 2014, 10:53:31 AM
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    Donated Sep 4, 2014, 5:25:34 AM


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No deviants said Other? Please comment uuu




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