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for moi

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The most beautiful art I have ever received QuQ thank you to everyone, just, thank you have no idea how much I appreciate your art :heart:

Newest Deviations


For the lovely :iconrayfierying:
Custom LavaGut: Lite (on hold)
LavaGut for TV- Tanno by Ningeko16
LavaGut for Mudogs by Ningeko16
LavaGut for syrtis- Krypton by Ningeko16
PLease note me or ask me about ordering or else I will immediately un-accept! You have been warned quq cries

Temporary LavaGut closed Species ref  Check the species info for more info!

What this includes: A Regular LavaGut with 1-2 uncommon traits and 1 highly uncommon trait<<<bonus limited offer~

- regular coat pattern
- bi-coloured lava

Uncommon traits to add: (pick up to 2)
-curve lamp shape, please indicate which one of the two types
-black pupil
- aquarium/cage holes
- Mane/Tail

Highly uncommon traits to add: (pick 1)
-shaped holes (not only stars, can be any shape)/laced holes
-pastel/white eyes
-different markings (within bounds of species)
-foxy head shape

Please include:
-coat colour
-lava colours (2)
-whether you want the 'cute' or 'elegant' body shape
Special offer payments!
Cute Lil Jumper Final by Ningeko16
Tiger-bull Baby by Ningeko16
For the special offers from my journal slots only!
please regard this journal: Just some quick important things  for more info!

for those who have already noted me, this is where you pay for your commission
+you will be notified on the process and the completion of your commission
+if i stream your commission it'll be anywhere between 5-10pm/ 17:00-22 est (ON, Canada) (i'll still send you a link)
+these will be done fairly quickly and hopefully within 48hrs of the order

-:iconlauraacan: with Faded Black Wolf USD Auction - CLOSED by Hlaorith (in progress)
-:iconludiiicrous: with 
-:iconelecpyro: with…?…
Chibi (open-ask first)
Gift~Ma Cher Ami by Ningeko16
Contest prize: A cup of tea by Ningeko16
Pallet Meme Batch 1 by Ningeko16 Doodle dump1 by Ningeko16
+A guardian and his jewel+ by Ningeko16
Gift Sketch: Sheko by Ningeko16
Chibi of your character in any of the styles above (feral and humanoid)

-post a clear ref of your character 
-chose a style
-describe pose or personality
- extra charge of +50:points: per extra character or detailed design
-the final product will be watermarked, you are not to claim this as your own work! however you are allowed to use it on your page for decoration<3
Regular pixel icon commission
Griffsnuff CE pixel- Philia cutie~ by Ningeko16
:CE: Cabbage pixel.::. by Ningeko16
Pixel Icon contest entry ,{chubby guppy}, by Ningeko16
Griffsnuff CE Pixel-Flaka's Treasure by Ningeko16
:CE: Griffsnuff pixel by Ningeko16
PIxel Icon Commission.:Lantern Animated:. by Ningeko16
50x50 pixel icon of your character!
(You can commission this for friends too but it has to be their oc)
Form: fill it out

animation: +50:points:
.:Custom Designs:. (Ask me by Note if you are interested) (special!)
CE .:Soot:. Offer to adopt (Closed) by Ningeko16
Trickster guard by Ningeko16
custom Tailmouth Boy by Ningeko16
CD .:Spirit caller:. for StupidRainbowFox by Ningeko16
Magic flower custom For: Spunky-mutt by Ningeko16
Custom Design.::Takis Fuego beasty::. by Ningeko16
This is a commission for a custom character which you create, or a custom of one of my closed species.

I can do humans, non-humans, monsters and so on~

- you are NOT in any way allowed to resell the character (this is a separate type of commission i'll be taking later)
- you cannot claim it as your own even though you though of the idea (an artist still did the art for you, it's only fair)
- you may change a few features but you may not change the species (especially one of mine) 
- you may late change gender (although you are given that choice from the start)
- you may trade the design later for one of equal value
<in your note include this: ninjas and geckos, that's all...>


What I need:
-How many do you want? (put down amount)
- what gender?
-species/mix/ningeko's closed specie customs (Magic flower or Soot)? (here you write out the description of your adopt and what you want it to look like)
- additional info? (i.e. attitude, special markings, themes, backstory, etc...)
- refs (include refs of styles you would like to see, any animal you might think i don't know, inspirational images you based your design off of, etc...)
- Pallet (optional: you may include exact pallet, variations or give a general guideline for me to follow and give me freedom with the rest)

Fell free to give me artistic freedom, the designs usually turn out much better then expected as many happy customers say ^u^~:heart:

Beautiful Page Doll!


:iconnaritacoree: :iconfreewy: :iconanimals-are-amazing: :iconh-appysorry: :icontessary:


Hello lovely watchers and deviants!

this journal was something I needed to make as recently I've discovered some kickass artists  I think you'd enjoy seeing art from as well as watchers who have grown in their art !

  • Also if you are a watcher and wish to get featured I'm opening 10 slots, mainly first once first serve so comment bellow, because I'm proud of my watcher base and I want peeps to know how beautiful your art is XD
  • Also cuz I have a lot of you guys so if I forget about you please don't hate QuQ I have an exam today, it's raining and I'm bad 

most recent

just wow....this style has  got  to be one of my faves and  the execution is smooth and visually pleasing! Also their commissions are waaaay underpriced but open QuQ ahaha

once again style, style, style! Not many can pull of making traditional sketches with no digital editing look good and the style has it all! Even thought hey work in a traditional simple medium the kickass characters they create as well as the grungy graffiti feel will have you hooked

a watcher that got an upgrade in amazingness and got a new account which I am honoured to have watch me again QuQ , their art has much flow and their use of colours is simply outstanding!

just look at them bold lines and tell me you don't like them! plus their chibis are to die for XD 

their species is hella epic and so is their art!

an old watcher and idol that got a new account simply for their water colour like styled commissions! 

Oks cheating ing a bit but....

Their first account was mysteriously apprehended  but I've known them for a while and their art is inspiring to no end, also their use of dynamic poses has always been an envy of mine , seriously amazing even though it's mainly digital sketches, their style carries through!

graphic arts? Cool T-shirts? Badass? Everything in one convenient package!

just look at the art ok? Such an adaptive style it's amazing 

yet another of my most favourite styles...I cannot deny my love for it QuQ 

:iconrainywren: and :iconjuvialle:
both artists just have the best line styles for both epic and cute things! Seriously need more love ahaha

The Ultimate Chimera by itsterriblyArtistic Flamel Bouncy by itsterriblyArtistic
Art trade - chickenwithtie by zigzaggin-goon MYO Grem2 Ref - ESSEN by zigzaggin-goon
Art Trade: Judaime #2 by NanoColorsFanart: Older!Killua Zoldyck by NanoColors
Pixels by Ent0nia Whap! by Ent0nia

Thanks so much for having a glance! UuU stay fabulous y'all!

quq wish me luck on exam haha

Your derp of a deviant,
~ nin :heart:


Misstrice Complimentrice
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love cookies........a lot -p-9

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skrapsie Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Writer
eagerly waits for custom lavaguts to open
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
quq there is a batch incoming mid-july~ on the cheaper side haha but still all lovable
DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tnx for the fav :la:
sniperXtentapsy Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
gah my computer is just not able to keep up with your stream nin ;n;
i really want to watch but im just completely unable thanks to my computers craptastic processing power TnT
i never even got to see how the jolleraptor came out ;m;
im so sorry i couldn't stay nin ;m;
i really need to get a new computer...
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
it's oks man
still did your bae uuu posted too
sniperXtentapsy Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
;u; thank you so frigging much nin!
you're really awesome you know that right? ;w;
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahahhaahah no~ quq i'm a bad person yo~ i'm behind on owed art
i still have to do your guys parent customs ahahah criessssssss
(1 Reply)
Flashpelt1 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey! I really hate to be a bother, but I was wondering if you're going to post the custom i got in the Lavagut contest? ;w; I remember seeing you draw it on the stream but I cant find it on here if its been posted yet..
If you're still working on stuff and all that i totally understand, just want to make sure that it wasn't forgoton ;w;
Ningeko16 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Totally not forgotten and the next thing on my list besides finishing some trades is the parent customs from the v-day event because I believe I have most of the art portion of the contest done (except one pair)  so I can bravely head into the parent customs, plus you guys get a family portrait and wren gets her fullbody of the child XD 
you will get your art, I promise this.
im taking a small break from owed art though ATM because  I want to make sure everything comes out right....something was cramping my style (you can see my latest rant journal for more info) 
not long though probably till the end of this weekend or something like that. Otherwise everything is still on schedule, I've been slowly clearing my to do list but it's still quite the pile QnQ that's my fault but I'm working through it.
i apologize for the wait you two star winners have to go through, and wren's been waiting on other owed art from me too so criesss all the sorries to you lovely people QnQ 
Flashpelt1 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Student General Artist
ahhh its ok :3 I havent been on dA in a while and it just kinda popped into my head that there was still that and wanted to make sure it wasnt totally forgotten cause ive done that before as well ;w;
Take your time to straighten your art out! The wait will only make it even more special for me when its done owo
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